Learn to mix classic and creative cocktails!

Making delicious cocktails is easy and fun! There is a resurgence of popularity in the art of the cocktail, and the history of some drinks go well over 100 years into the past!

In this experience, we'll make one classic cocktail and one creative one. If you're underage or don't like alcohol, we'll make a fancy mocktail - one without any alcohol!

We'll go over the fundamental concepts that go into making a well balanced drink, ways to tweak ingredients to make it your own, and some techniques that will allow you to shake (or stir) up the perfect drink!

To explore this experience together, we can...: Talk about what elements make up a cocktail, and how to combine the flavours effectively.
-: Make two cocktails: one classic cocktail with history behind it, and one creative cocktail that you dream up on the spot!
-: Decide what kinds of flavours you like best in your drinks
-: Learn the different recipes that people like bartenders use to make cocktails
How many Kudoers could come at once?: 3 people at a time
This experience is:
Wheel chair accessible
Can be done with hearing impaired
Can be done with blind or visually impaired
This happens: at the Host's home
Getting here: What you need to know.
You get to this experience by skytrain, and you get off at Yaletown Roundhouse. It takes about 10 minutes to get from the Skytrain to the experience location. There are a number of intersections to cross between the Skytrain station and the experience location. There are traffic lights and walk signals at the busiest of these intersections, and some of them are controlled by stop signs instead. If you prefer a route that has traffic lights and walk signals at every intersection, you can follow Pacific Avenue around to the experience location. It takes a few extra minutes. Whichever way you decide to go, there are sidewalks and ramped curbs the entire way between the Skytrain station and the experience location.

Nearest skytrain station: Vancouver - Yaletown–Roundhouse
Skytrain meetup: Yes: I prefer to meet them at the skytrain
Should I bring money: No
Tags: Cocktails, mixology, craft, drink, alcohol, virgin drinks
Listing created 29 Jan 2016