Learn Stone Carving

Have you ever seen a beautiful stone statue and wondered how it changed from a giant block of stone to a beautiful sculpture? Learn about stone carving with David!

On this experience, David will give you a tour of his carving studio. You will get to see all the steps that go into making a stone carving out of marble, from a large stone block all the way to a finished piece of art. You'll learn about the kinds of materials people use for stone sculptures, and begin to imagine what you could produce!

Plus - you'll even get the chance to try out stone carving that day! With David's guidance, check out the tools used for stone carving. Then, drive the chisel into stone yourself.

To explore this experience together, we can...: See pieces of David's art in various stages of completion
-: Pick up the chisel and other carving tools, and try driving the chisel into real marble
-: What goes into making a peice of sculpture with stone using hand tools
-: What goes into making a peice of sculpture with stone using hand tools
-: Go to David's carving studio and see what a studio spaces looks like
How many Kudoers could come at once?: 1 person at one time
This experience is:
Wheel chair accessible
Can be done with hearing impaired
Can be done with blind or visually impaired
This happens: at the Host's home
Getting here: What you need to know.
You can get to this experience by bus. Get off at the Blenheim Ave. stop on the 009 bus route. It takes about 5 minutes to get from the bus stop to the experience location. Depending on which way you're coming from on Broadway, there may be one busy street to cross - Broadway. There are traffic lights and walk signals at the nearest intersection. There are sidewalks all the way from the bus stop to the experience location, and ramped curbs. There is a slight hill up to the experience location from the bus stop. There are also steps up to the door of the experience location.

Nearest skytrain station: Vancouver - Broadway–City Hall
Skytrain meetup: No: I can only meet at the experience location
Should I bring money: No money is needed
What else should I bring: Nothing, just yourself!
When you book it, the Host will need to know: If you could make a stone sculpture, what would it be of?
Afterwards, you could go to: a bookstore to find an excellent "How to" book, called Sculpture in Stone by Cami Santamera
Afterwards, you could watch: An excellent How to Book is: Sculpture in Stone by Cami Santamera
Reflection Questions
Next time you see a sculpture in stone, try to imagine how big the original piece of stone was. Was this piece carved using hand tools or power tools? Look to see how well it has been finished. What do you seek in creases or folds? Is there any bruising?

Tags: stone, artwork, marble, carving
Listing created 26 Aug 2016