Cupcakes to the Rescue!

On this experience, Kelly introduces you to two sweet things that are even sweeter together:

- Volunteering for an important cause.

- Making cupcakes.

Kelly bakes hundreds of cupcakes each year to fundraise for the SPCA! In all, she's made more than 1000 cupcakes, and raised more than $4000.

Do you want to fundraise for a cause that's important to you? Do you like to bake? If yes, then this experience is for you!

You'll meet Kelly at her house and decorate some cupcakes for her to sell at fundraisers. You'll even get to take some home! Kelly can also help you plan how to do your own fundraising campaign with cupcakes. She'll show you photos of the cupcakes she has made, and talk to you about the organization she raises money for. It's called the SPCA, and it's focused on helping animals.

Kelly also has a wonderful rescue dog you'll get to meet at the experience!

To explore this experience together, we can...: See photos of the cupcakes Kelly has sold. Touch the cupcakes, icing, and decoration tools.
-: Try the cupcake decorating designs Kelly has used, or make up your own!
-: Talk to Kelly about how she uses cupcakes to raise money for the SPCA, and how you could use cupcakes to raise money for something.
-: This experience will take place at Kelly's home!
How many Kudoers could come at once?: 1 person at one time
This experience is:
Wheel chair accessible
Can be done with hearing impaired
Can be done with blind or visually impaired
This happens: at the Host's home
Getting here: What you need to know.
You get to the host's home by bus - either the Number 402 or 407 Depending on which way you arrive from, there may be a busy intersection to cross. There are traffic lights with walk signals at these intersections. It takes most people about 10 minutes to get to the host's home from these bus stops.

Nearest skytrain station: Richmond - Bridgeport
Skytrain meetup: No: I can only meet at the experience location
Should I bring money: No money is needed
What else should I bring: Please wear clothes you're okay with getting a little messy. Icing can get all over the place.
When you book it, the Host will need to know: Have you ever made cupcakes before? Do you know about the spca?
Afterwards, you could go to: The local SPCA and give volunteering a try. You could also host your own bake sale or fundraiser.
Afterwards, you could watch: Cupcake decorating videos:
Reflection Questions
What is a flavour of cupcake you'd like to try?

What could you fundraise for?

What made this experience great?

Tags: food, cake, cupcakes, icing, spca, animals
Listing created 1 May 2017