Exploring with Colour

Dana loves colour! She has a home-studio where she creates bead-work, painting and everything in between. She takes her greatest inspiration from trips to Mexico, where the local art is bright and beautiful.

At this experience you'll learn how colours work together and which ones are opposites. You'll also be inspired by the beautiful art at Dana's home and in her books. You'll get to try watercolours for yourself!

This experience is a great one for anyone looking to meet an energetic person, or to explore colour - maybe in their own art!

Growing up, Dana was interested in being an artist. She chose her other passion of psychology as a career, but she maintains an art practice because it brings her relaxation and joy.

To explore this experience together, we can...: Touch art, books, water, and brushes. Smell the earthy smell of paint. See how colours blend together.
-: Chat about Dana's trips to Mexico, different painting techniques, and how to learn more about colour.
-: You'll meet at Dana's apartment and art studio.
How many Kudoers could come at once?: 1 person at one time
This experience is:
Wheel chair accessible
Can be done with hearing impaired
Can be done with blind or visually impaired
This happens: at the Host's home
Getting here: What you need to know.
You get to this experience by bus - the 160, 183, 184 and N9 all run nearby. Depending on which way you arrive from, there may be a busy intersection to cross - St. John's & Buller. There are traffic lights with walk signals at this intersection. There are sidewalks with ramped curbs all the way between the bus stop and the host's home. It takes about 3 minutes to get there from the bus stops.

You can meet Dana at the Petro Canada gas station at the corner of Bueller St. and Saint John's Street. Then, you'll walk over to her apartment building together. It's just up the street, but her building is tricky to find!

Nearest skytrain station: Port Moody - Moody Centre
Skytrain meetup: Yes: but I prefer to meet them at my experience location
Should I bring money: No
What else should I bring: No
When you book it, the Host will need to know: Do you do any kind of art already?
Afterwards, you could go to: Check out your local library for art technique books
Afterwards, you could watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-KYHJriivw
Reflection Questions
What colour did you like best? Does is mix or match well with another colour?

How could you use colour in your own hobbies?

Tags: art; colour; painting
Listing created 11 May 2017