Barista behind the scenes!

Have you ever wanted to be a barista in a coffee shop? Curious how coffee is made? Join Stephanie at Ethical Bean coffee roasters and cafe to learn about coffee!

Find out how coffee goes from being a green bean to the yummy brown bean that makes delicious drinks. You'll see how Ethical Bean makes their coffee, and hear about what makes them a socially responsible company. Plus, check out how Ethical Bean runs their cafe! Chat with the baristas and maybe even try your hand at making your own beverage.

This is an amazing experience to see behind the scenes of a local coffee roasting business and cafe!

To explore this experience together, we can...: Tour the roasting facility and smell the coffee roasting. Hear the sounds of the coffee machine and people hanging out in the cafe
-: See the huge amount of coffee that Ethical Bean roasts, packages, and sells in a short period of time
-: Hear about the reasons Ethical Bean is such a great company!
-: Touch the newly roasted beans and see how the espresso machines work
How many Kudoers could come at once?: 1 person at one time
This happens: at the Host's work place
Nearest skytrain station: Burnaby - Gilmore
Skytrain meetup: No: I can only meet at the experience location
Should I bring money: No
Afterwards, you could go to: a cafe in your local community to try more different coffees!
Tags: Coffee; roaster; cafe; barista
Listing created 19 Jun 2017