Cruising! Ride a trike along the bike path

Have you ever wanted to try riding a bike? A trike is a super fun and more stable version of a bike!

This experience is weather dependant and will only happen when it's not raining hard. Please check in before the experience starts if you're not sure about the weather.

If we are going to the Central Valley Greenway, we can meet at Holdom Station or at BACI's Still Creek Building. . It is a gravel road away from the traffic so that we can also enjoy the nature along the path. Or, we can meet at Patterson Station and go to Central Park.

There is also the possibility of learning about the plants along the path, if you're interested!

To explore this experience together, we can...: learn the parts of the trike and how it works
-: try balancing, pedaling, breaking, and steering on a trike
-: learn about cycling safety rules and etiquette
How many Kudoers could come at once?: 2 people at one time
This experience is:
Wheel chair accessible
Can be done with hearing impaired
Can be done with blind or visually impaired
This happens: outside
Nearest skytrain station: Burnaby - Holdom
Should I bring money: Money is optional. Possibly bring some to buy a snack from McDonalds ($5)
What else should I bring: If you have a bicycle helmet, please bring it. But it is also possible for the host to bring a helmet. Comfortable clothing, ideally slim cut pants.
Afterwards, you could go to: use the City of Burnaby's tricycle that you can peddle with your hands
Afterwards, you could attend: go to a spinning class that uses stationary bikes or try a tandem bike with a friend or family
Afterwards, you could watch: bike racing movies on Youtube or check out Momentum magazine (a commuter cycling magazine)
Tags: Tricycle, cycling, nature trail, outdoors, sport, active
Listing created 14 Aug 2017