The Archaeology of trees and counting rings

Tree rings give us all kinds of great information about what happened in the past. Join Andie and discover the science of Dendrochronology. That's a fancy word for counting tree rings!

Meet up with Andie at Central Park in Burnaby (if you live far away send Andie a message to let her know you'd like to meet at a park that's a little more convenient for you). We're going to take a stroll through the park and look at some trees and talk about how archaeologists take samples from trees without hurting them.

After a short stroll through the park we will sit down and look at some samples of tree rings and practice counting the rings.

This experience is open to...:
Kudoers only
Kudoers and hosts
To explore this experience together, we can...: See trees, samples of tree rings. Smell the fresh air of the outdoors and touch the tree rings.
-: Practice counting tree rings and comparing a few samples
-: We're going to talk about how archaeologists use this data to learn about the past
-: We are going to visit Burnaby Central Park together
How many Kudoers could come at once?: 1 person at one time
This experience is:
Wheel chair accessible
Can be done with hearing impaired
Can be done with blind or visually impaired
This happens: outside
Getting here: What you need to know.
The host will meet you on the platform at the Patterson Skytrain station.

Nearest skytrain station: Burnaby - Patterson
Skytrain meetup: Yes: I prefer to meet them at the skytrain
Should I bring money: No money is needed. If we visit the waves coffee shop nearby you might want $5 to get a coffee or tea
What else should I bring: Dress for the weather and wear comfortable footwear
Afterwards, you could go to: Check out a local Museum or historical center
Afterwards, you could watch: Check out this video of someone collecting a tree sample using a tool called an increment borer
Tags: trees, tree rings, dating, history, past, nature, archaeology, cedar
Listing created 7 Feb 2018