Design to the Rescue! How to solve a problem with design.

Do you have a problem that you think probably has a solution but can't figure out what to do about it? Have you ever thought "huh, I bet that could be done better". Maybe you think crosswalks could be improved or that your local library is missing something that will make it an even better place to visit?

Omna is a designer, a designers job is to solve problems like this! Meet up with Omna and bring her a problem. If you don't have anything in mind but still want to try being a designer Omna will bring some examples for you to choose from.

Omna is going to share with you some of the tools that designers use in their job. Then you will brainstorm some solutions together. From there you will make a prototype which is like a draft of the solution. Then you will get to test it out!

This experience is open to...:
Kudoers only
Kudoers and hosts
To explore this experience together, we can...: See and use some of the tools that designers use
-: Brainstorm some ideas for a solution, Nice designs we have noticed in life
This happens: at a local spot (cafe, pub, library, etc)
When you book it, the Host will need to know: Think of a problem you'd like to solve with Omna. Think of designs that have inspired you in life.
Afterwards, you could watch: About impact of design in everyday life
Listing created 2 Mar 2018