Get Hooked on Crochet

Do you like to work with your hands and learn to create things? Have you wondered what kind of things are made from Crochet or how to make something out of Yarn? Maybe you know a bit about Knitting but want to learn more about Crochet?

Meet up with Justin at a local Cafe to learn about Crocheting. He will show you some different crochet hooks, yarn and wool and the basics for getting a project started.

To explore this experience together, we can...: Feel the textures of different yarns, see all the colours that yarn and wool come in. Take a look and feel at different sizes of crochet hooks.
-: Talk about the different articles of clothing and projects that you can make using crochet hooks and yarn. Talk about the difference between Crochet and Knitting.
-: Take the crochet hook for a test drive! Learn to make a few stitches and see if it's a hobby you might like to take up.
This happens: at a local spot (cafe, pub, library, etc)
Listing created 3 Apr 2018